Downham Croquet Club
Events for 2017

Sat 1 April       Season opens (buffet lunch)
Sat 27 May.     Peggy's Plant
Sat 17 June.    Stow Pan
Sat 1 July       Barrett Pot
Sat 22 July       Barbecue
Sat 19 Aug      Champagne
Sat 2 Sept      Hipgrave
Sat 16 Sept     Egyptian  
Sat 7 Oct        Season closes (laying up supper)

All tournaments are 10 for 10-30 start
Barrett and Peggy's are Golf
Hipgrave is for high handicaps/beginners
Stow Vase is played through the season
League and friendly matches may be arranged for Association and Golf

Club night - Wednesday 4pm onwards
Possible Club Day on Saturdays.

Coaching sessions will run on Tuesday evenings in May.


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