Downham Croquet Club
Events for 2019

Sat 6 April       Season opens (buffet lunch)
Thurs 16 May.  Cambridge University v EACF
Sat 25 May.     Peggy's Plant
Sun 26 May     Stow Pan
Sat 6 July       Barrett Pot
Sun 21 July       Barbecue
Sun 18 Aug      Champagne
Sat 31 Aug      Hipgrave
Sat 14 Sept     Egyptian  
Sun 13 Oct        Season closes (laying up supper)

All tournaments are 10 for 10-30 start
Barrett and Peggy's are Golf
Hipgrave is for high handicaps/beginners
Stow Vase is played through the season
League and friendly matches may be arranged for Association and Golf

Club night - Wednesday 4pm onwards
Possible Club Day on Saturdays.

Coaching sessions will run on Tuesday evenings in May.


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