Saturday 12 September 2020
Hipgrave Shield
A good entry of five in this end of season tournament – Martyn, Lucy, Colin, Noelene and Roger.
A full day’s play in lovely warm September sunshine with Roger the eventual winner. 

Wednesday 9 September
A very enjoyable friendly away v Pinchbeck on their lovely lawn.
Jonathan, Ian and Catherine Storey playing host Mike Bowser,
Terrey Sparks and Patricia Duke- Cox. A draw was a fair result.

Sunday 30 August
Egyptian Tournament

Postponed from the the Saturday when it poured, a good contest between Ian Storey, Ian Thompson,
Don and Jonathan with the latter winning all three of his games and the trophy.

Saturday 8 August
Champagne Tournament

Ian T, Don, Jonathan and Bryan battled away with the latter emerging victorious…again.
Three clear wins. Well played all!


Tuesday 28 July
First session of coaching, delivered by Ian Storey and Jonathan. Nine attendees enjoyed brushing up their skills.
More to follow next week.

Sunday 26 July
Barrett Pot
An excellent day’s croquet for this Golf Doubles postponed from a rainy Saturday.
Fourteen entrants with two pairs – Nan and Judy, Roger and Noelene- each with three wins. They played the decider
with the latter pair the winners.

Tuesday 21 July
Stow Pan Final
Don and Ian had a hard fought battle for the Pan with the latter winning +10. Well played both.

Ian is presented with the nifty utensil (which he decides against taking home).

The competitors…

Sat 18 July
Kathleen Butters Trophy

Our first tournament run along normal lines. This is a One Ball event. Eleven entrants (though nine play but 
that gives us some spectators, including Jeane who drove down specially from Southwell).
We all have a very enjoyable day’s play. Bryan and Steve end up with five wins each
but as the former beat the latter, Bryan Saddington is the inaugural winner.

Don Butters presents the trophy to a very happy Bryan.


The gathered players and spectators.

Tuesday 7 July
Peggy’s Plant

Well, we discovered that it takes quite a while to complete a tournament in this way. We finally have a winner after seven weeks.
Congratulations to Anne Gill.

Sat 13 June
Stow Pan

We have seven entrants for this Association tournament and will try a different format with two blocks of similar handicap level.

Thursday 21 May
Peggy’s Plant

We launch our first tournament today, following the new guidelines. Golf singles with ten entrants.
It will be a knockout with a three way final. Players book a lawn for their match and report back with the result. 
It will be interesting to see how it runs.

Wednesday 13 May
Great news! We can start playing croquet again…carefully. We have joined the EACF electronic court booking system to ensure 
safe social distancing. The main lawn looks lovely, still rather slow as the grass is so lush. We will play on the smaller lawn as
the grass height is slowly taken down on Lawn One.

Saturday 9 May
Some rather overdue whitelining of the lawns. Mustn’t leave it for a month. The previous lines (which were relatively straight)
are barely visible and thus their replacements are a little wobbly.

Monday 27 April
Don and Johnny apply fertiliser to the lawn (which has had a sprinkler on because of some brown patches – all gone now ).
Perfect timing for the rain which descends in copious amounts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The grass grows well and lots of good work has gone into the new lawn from Don and Johnny, mowing with the rotary mower, rolling 
and applying fertiliser. Jonathan began general mowing in early April and set out the hoops. Jeff brought over a white lining machine 
and set out our new boundaries (no more old rope….) and Jonathan seems to have learned how to produce a straightish line….but of 
course at present we have to wait……



Tuesday 19 November
Club lunch at the Hare Arms, presenting trophies and giving the good news of the new lawn. Well attended and enjoyed by all at our long table
in the Coach House.

Saturday 14 September
Further topsoil spreading. When this is completed Johnny and Don scatter the seed and then the compost on top. Just in time for some rainier 
days in mid to late September. Perfect timing. Green shoots begin to appear by the end of the month.

Thursday 12 September
The compost arrives. A much smaller pile of around 3 tons. More topsoil spreading.

Mon 9/Tues 10 September
We begin to unload the topsoil. Don drives the tractor, Johnny (who looks after the cricket ground) is on the heap in the trailer, doling it out and then Jonathan, Roger and Charles Ostler (who has kindly come over from Lincs to help) assist him, spreading the topsoil with large rakes.

Monday 2 September.
The club tournaments were telescoped into a tight schedule so that we could finish the season early in order to relay the main lawn. 
28 tons of topsoil were due to arrive from British Sugar (at Wissington) today. In the event they came a day later (blaming a communication
breakdown). No problem. Justin sprayed the lawn with weedkiller.

Sunday 1 September
Egyptian. Don, David and Jonathan play for the shapely statuette with Don having two good wins to take the day.
The same trio have played one another for the Stow Vase in the course of the season with Jonathan the eventual winner.

Saturday 31 August
Hipgrave Shield. Our Association tournament for higher handicaps in which Nick and Gill K, Celia and Gill D compete with the latter a clear winner
for the third consecutive time. Well played all!

Weds 21 August
Watlington Wednesday Club. Our regular visitors return for their yearly competitive bash of Golf Doubles followed as always by delicious tea and 
cake at Church Farm.

Tuesday 20 August
Wisbech and March Rotary. In what is becoming an annual treat the two clubs meet to eat and drink beneath the cedar tree and play a bit of croquet.
Lots of fun for all and congratulations to the wonderful caterers.

Sunday 18 August
Champagne. Don and Jonathan have a hard fought match which could have gone either way. Jonathan takes the bottle.

Monday 22 July
Tina and her sister Barbara, visiting from Australia where she belongs to the local croquet club, pop in to Stow for a game.

Saturday 6 July
Barrett Pot. Six of us competing in this Golf Doubles competition polishing off all the matches well in time to get home to watch England Women 
in the World Cup 3rd place play off(they lost). Don and Cliff prove victorious beating Nick and Gill and Jonathan and Celia. Great fun.

Sunday 26 May
Stow Pan. Making a tournament weekend of play at Stow, David, Don and Jonathan play for our founding trophy, the giant pan. Jonathan has two
very close wins after an enjoyable day’s play.

Saturday 25 May
Peggy’s Plant. Our opening tournament of the season. Golf croquet singles in which Don, Cliff, David and Jonathan compete for the eponymous pot 
and accompanying plant. A good, close day’s play with David and Jonathan each finishing with two wins. As the former beat the latter, David takes
the trophy.

Thursday 16 May
A second visit by the Cambridge University team for a warm up session with a group of players from around East Anglia before their Varsity match 
at Hurlingham.

Weds 15 May
Duncan Hector brings his laser levelling kit over and we assess the ups and downs of the lawn. The first stage of levelling/reseeding work which will
happen in September.

Saturday 6 April
Season opens. A pleasant gathering over tasty home made food and the occasional glass.



Friday 16 November
Celebratory lunch
A good crowd of us gathered in the Coach House at the Hare for lunch and the presentation of trophies, marking the club’s 30th year.

Sunday 7 October
Champagne tournament and Laying up do
Don, Celia and Jonathan competed in pleasant sunshine (in contrast to the preceding, planned day’s weather)
for the eponymous bottle with Jonathan the winner.

Godfrey, Gill, Cliff, Jan, Jonathan , Celia and Don gathered for a tasty shared meal in the late afternoon,
as visitors to Apple Day strolled by, celebrating 30 years of DCC.

Sat 29 September
Friendly v Histon (home)
A multitude of games, mixing and matching players – Association, One ball, Golf and Pirates – slotted around coffee,
lunch in the pub (photo below) and a scrumptious Stow tea.

Sat 15 September
Very close finish with Jonathan, Don and David each with two wins. David the overall winner by virtue of points gained.

Sat 1 September
A close contest between Celia, Roger and Gill, narrowly won by the latter (who won last year) after a Hemmings shootout..

Sat 28 July
Friendly v Histon (away)
Gill and Jonathan had an enjoyable day’s croquet on Histon’s lawns on the cricket outfield, cracks in the ground after the dry spell.
Tasty lunch in the nearby pub.

Sat 21 July
Glorious weather for croquet in the morning on our parched lawns (that haven’t needed mowing for weeks) followed by the normal
scrummy meal in front of the clubhouse enjoyed by Val, Celia, Chris, Lesley, Godfrey, Gill and Jonathan.

Tues 17 July
The second annual visit of March and Wisbech Rotary Clubs. Quick fire games of Golf interspersed with splendid refreshments
provided by Val and Celia underneath the cedar tree.

Sat 30 June
Barrett Pot. We split into four pairs of high/low handicap. A good contest with David and Nick the clear winners.

Sat 16 June
Stow Pan. Hard fought with David the final winner.

Fri 1 June
A very effective Come and Try it in the afternoon, as part of Downham Festival. Eight participants. One couple from Connecticut
– our furthest flung visitors!

Sat 26 May
Peggy’s Plant. Good competition which was well won by Judy.

Tuesday 8 May
Coaching on Tuesday evenings through May and early June.

Sun 15 April
A visit by Ruth from Ealing Croquet Club, interested in seeing a Bradshaw Buggy and our half size mallets
who stopped for a quick game of golf.

Sat 7 April 
A fine start to the season with of course a splendid meal and chat in the sunshine.

Friday 16 March
…the first cut is the deepest. Mowing begins. Doesn’t look too bad. 

Sat 17 October 2017
Laying up do. An enjoyable farewell over food and drink to a fine season’s play. Raise your glasses everyone!

Sat 2 September 2017 A good entry for this year’s Hipgrave Shield. Celia, Roger, Val, Gill D and Gill K advised by Ken and Jonathan
with Gill Dobson the eventual winner.

Sat 22 July Barbecue Croquet. Intermittent cooling showers notwithstanding, a fine time had by all with Golf in the morning
followed by the barbie – dodging in and out as the rain came down. A good turnout of 16 sharing food and drink and occasionally damp banter.


The winner….looking purposeful .

Peggy’s Plant. Our opening tournamenSingles Sat 27 May 2017. Peggy’s Plant. Golf, fiercely contested with handicap play for the first time.
In the end a walkover for Don with four straight wins thus prising the trophy from Ken
(the holder for the past two years).

15 May 2017 EACF v Cambridge University. The students came for a warm up before the Varsity match
in June. A splendid time had by all with play 
interspersed with suitable refreshment (topped off by Kathleen’s scones and cream).

1 April 2017

. A new season opens, in slightly chilly fashion, with a friendly buffet in the clubhouse after setting out the lawns. The new Ransome is
proving an excellent investment.

n1 October 2016 Laying up do

After another lovely season with lots of new members…and a new mower, the presentation of trophies. 

Don receives the Stow Pan (Ken in the background) and Ken is presented with Peggy’s Plant.

1 July 2016
Lions v Rotary evening. Twenty or so came along for a friendly evening’s banter and rivalry, pausing beneath the cedar to dodge a shower, with the Rotarians runaway winners.

25 June 2016
Stow Pan
Good use made of a sunny morning before the heavens opened in the afternoon. (What a wet summer we are having). Despite his doubts about entering Don was a worthy winner, proving that life begins at 80.

18 June 2016
Peggy’s Plant
Five intrepid competitors on a chilly but dry morning in this singles Golf tournament. David a close runner up to Ken who retained the trophy and will receive the eponymous plant.

4 June 2016
Match v Norwich.
A close tussle with the final game ending in a draw which gave Norwich a 4-3 win. Enjoyed by all.

2 April 2016
The season opens with a brisk knock and a tasty lunch in the sun.


*****************            *******************          ******************       ****************

Saturday 3 October Laying up do
What a lovely day to conclude an excellent season. Some fun games of Barbecue croquet and Pirates followed by a splendid buffet in the afternoon sunshine.

Sunday 27 September. Egyptian
Ken, Steve and Jonathan made a day of it in the Indian Summer sunshine with a lunch break in the pub. With no winning score higher than +3 some excellent tussles down to the last minute, each game going to time. Jonathan retained the trophy.

Saturday 26 September Match v Norwich
Some close games with Norwich finishing 3-1 ahead. 

Sunday 6 September. Hipgrave Shield
Colin, Judy and Tony had some very close games with the latter, playing in his first tournament, the eventual winner.

Saturday 5 September Match v Peterborough
Valiant effort by the team but we lost 4-0. Ah well…it’s the taking part…

It has been a lovely summer but occasionally the weather breaks…Colin and Dawn take cover.

Sunday 23 August Match v Hunstanton
This was the fourth of our Association league matches this season and the first at home. The previous three saw the same 1-3 result away to Peterborough, Norwich and Hunstanton. We managed to break the sequence with an exciting 2-2 draw. Play was interrupted by a torrential downpour in the afternoon when we sensibly adjourned for tea, warming up and drying off in the clubhouse with a welcome cup.

Wednesday 19 August West Norfolk Male Carers’ Group
Half a dozen chaps had a break from their domestic caring duties to spend an afternoon playing croquet. General verdict was that it was good fun.

Sunday 16 August Champagne
A close, well fought match between Steve and Jonathan, observed by Judy (who provided very pleasant refreshment breaks) with Jonathan finally taking it by a narrow margin. Perfect weather for a glass or two of Prosecco interspersed with croquet.

Sunday 9 August.  Friendly with Histon
An enjoyable blend of six versions of the game (including Barbecue Croquet) mixing and matching with our visitors. Each game interspersed with the all important break for Pimms.


25 July 2015   Summer Barbecue

A splendid time had by all with a game of “Barbecue Croquet” specially devised for the occasion followed by an excellent meal.

22 July 2015

Watlington Wednesday Club paid their annual visit and enjoyed a competitive afternoon’s play, dodging light showers.

Enjoying a glass of Pimms on a Club Night

Sunday 5 July. Barrett Pot

A very close contest between two family teams. Sisters in law Nan and Judy played Steve and daughter Scarlett (in her first match). A nail biting Golf Doubles finish decided on the 13th hoop with Steve and Scarlett the worthy winners.

Sunday 21 June. Peggy’s Plant
Hotly fought singles Golf with two new members, Ken and Tony, taking part in their first tournament at Stow. Tony is new to the game but played valiantly. Don and Jonathan won some, lost some. Ken swept the board to take the trophy and will receive the eponymous plant at the laying up do.

Sunday 10 May Stow PanA lovely day for our opening tournament of the season. First round hotly contested between Don and Steve with the latter just clinching it by 2 on time. Steve was clearly warmed up for his game with Jonathan as he played some immaculate turns including an all round break and polished off his opponent in 37 minutes, thus retaining the trophy.

Some Springtime Visitors.

Sat 4 April 2015

Season opens
A stalwart group gathered for an hour or so’s play in distinctly chilly and damp conditions before retreating for something to eat. Ah well…it will get warmer.

4 October 2014 Laying Up Do
The end of an excellent season’s play celebrated with a knock in the morning, dodging an errant shower, followed by the customary lively chat over a very tasty buffet lunch. Roll on 2015!

Judy is presented with the Hipgrave Shield – a worthy winner after several years’ pause.

Steve holds the Stow Pan as Colin and Scarlett look on

14 September 2014 Egyptian
A well fought match between Steve (who had brought appropriate headgear) and Jonathan (who had not) with the latter winning by a narrow margin.

30 August Hipgrave Shield
The first time this Association tournament for beginners had been played for several years. Colin and Judy had a hard fought battle with Judy the eventual winner by a few points. Well played both!

16 August Champagne
A very well contested tournament with three out of the four entrants finishing level on two wins. Nan and Judy made an excellent start with their first tournament and added to the enjoyment of the afternoon by bringing along champagne to be consumed whilst playing. Definitely a concept to be continued. The final winner, by a slim margin, was Jonathan with Steve and Nan close runners up.

13 August Watlington Wednesday Club
The Wednesday Club came for their annual visit and had a good time as ever. Apart from a brief shower all was well with the weather. These visits have been happening for the past eight years or so. An addition this year was the inauguration of a special trophy – presented to Enid and her partner (or Jack and Jill as the team was known).
26 July  Barbecue

Greeted by Pimms on arrival we had an enjoyable morning’s knock, with refreshment breaks in Steve’s very decorative (and welcome) gazebo followed by a very tasty barbecue. Must do this more often…
21 July Downham LionsA smaller group than usual spent a pleasant summer’s evening knocking balls around. All good fun.

5 July Barrett Pot
This was a very close doubles match twixt Cliff and Jan v Don and Jonathan which the latter pair won 7-6. A well fought contest that could have gone either way.

Sat 21 June Friendly v Histon (away)
Steve, Angus and Jonathan had a very enjoyable day hosted by the Histon club. Lunch at the pub and a very tasty tea in the sunshine. Definitely to be repeated!

Peggy’s Plant 7 June 2014
Five intrepid souls – Kathleen, Don, Cliff, Jan and Jonathan – played the first round in increasingly wet weather. We gave up as the heavens looked permanently open for business with sheets of rain and thunder and lightning. Then…a perfect afternoon.. so play resumed at 4-30pm and a very close contest saw three level on wins – Cliff, Don and Jonathan – with Jonathan the winner on the quality of wins.

The Stow Pan was played on 17 May and won convincingly by Steve Lewis.

Saturday 5 April 2014 arrives with a sunny smile (and slightly cool breeze) but we had a very pleasant knock in the morning followed by the usual celebratory drink to greet the new season. (Cliff, Jan and Kathleen pictured in action below, joined by Jonathan immediately below with Don as photographer).

A new season beckons!

We begin proceedings on Sat 5 April with the customary knock around in the morning followed by a bring your own buffet food and drink outside the clubhouse (or inside if wet) at lunchtime. A similar scene, no doubt, to the one below…

5 October Laying Up Do
The close of the season. A knock around for an hour or so with our first try out of the Aussie game “Ricochet” – a sort of bridge between Golf and Association (though not sure whether we followed the approved rules) then a splendid glass or two with food in front of the clubhouse in the sunshine. (On reflection…should have left gear out for Apple Day on 6 October as there were lots of visitors).
Cliff and Jan toast a lovely summer’s croquet21 September Egyptian
A tussle between Steve and Jonathan with the latter the winner.
31 August
 A knock in the morning followed by a lovely barbecue celebration of 25 years of Downham Croquet Club in the sunny afternoon.10 August Champagne
Ian and Jonathan played an Advanced game with Jonathan the winner

3 August Histon
Our first friendly for some time – with players from Histon and Impington CC. We mixed and matched doubles and had a bash at alternate shot play (adding to the general confusion)

 22 July Downham Lions
Another very enjoyable evening with the Lions’ annual visit – hotly contested

6 July Barrett Pot
A tight contest between the pairs of Cliff and Jan v Don and Jonathan with the latter pair eventual victors

15 June A wedding party hired the lawns and gear and were ably supervised by Steve

12 June Watlington Weds Club
The WWC came on a lovely day for their annual battle, won by the incorrectly named Useless Duo. Lots of fun followed by delicious tea and cake at Church Farm

8 June Peggy’s Plant
A quick win for Cliff against Jonathan by 5 points.

25 – 28 May Inter-Counties
Jonathan and Steve joined fellow members of the Norfolk team for the wonderful jamboree of the Counties in Brighton and Eastbourne. We won a few, lost a lot, had some fine meals and a great time.

 Saturday 11 May
Our first tournament of the new season – the Stow Pan. Playing for the giant eponymous cooking utensil. Steve, Alex, Ian and Jonathan had an interesting day’s play. Steve beat Al (playing for the first time since last year’s tournament – which he won) but lost to Ian. Jonathan had three straight wins so was the new holder of the Pan.
The new season opens at Stow on Sat 6 April with the customary knockaround and buffet lunch. This will be our 25th year so we’ll be having a bit of a do sometime in the summer.


Watlington Wednesday Club Annual Visit, July 2012.

Stow Pan
Our opening tournament was a close fought tussle between Jonathan and Al Napp with Al the eventual winner, +1 on time. Not bad after returning to croquet following a five year gap!

We look forward to another splendid season – beginning with the opening buffet lunch and knock on Saturday 7 April.2011


A hard fought battle, played on a beautiful, sunny day,between Jonathan and Don with the latter dominating the opening half of the match but with Jonathan the eventual winner.

World Under 21 Golf at Hunstanton

Don’t miss the World Under 21 Golf at Hunstanton, 12 – 15 July. Support young Tim Race!
In the event, Tim reached the quarter finals – not bad against a strong international field. Will Gee from Nottingham made it to the semis but the final was contested between two very accurate young Eqyptians. They hit the balls very straight and very hard!

Barrett Pot 9 July 2011

A well fought contest involving the pairs of Charlie and Ruby, Don and Kathleen and Martyn with his daughter Rosie just down from Glasgow and playing in her first competition. Some close games with Mr and Mrs Butters emerging as clear winners of this year’s Pot. 

Peggy’s Plant 11 June 2011

On a lovely, sunny day there was a good turnout with ten members competing in this Singles Golf tournament named in memory of Jonathan’s Mum. (She was a great gardener so the winner receives a plant).  

There were lots of close tussles with young Angus doing well in his first foray since returning from university in Edinburgh. He managed to win one more game than his Dad, Martyn….nothing like a bit of friendly, familial rivalry.

The clear winner though, with 4/4 wins, was Charlie Blyth, who gets his name on the pot again.


Coaching sessions will run from mid May onwards on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. This series has now run its course but please contact Jonathan if you would like some coaching on a one off basis.

Stow Pan 21 May 2011

The mower is fixed and the grass is short and brown after a dry start to the summer so the balls fairly fly about.

The opening (Association) tournament of the season saw some competitive play between Martyn, Ian and Jonathan. We settled on a restricted time of 1 1/2 hours per match with roughly half the bisque allowance. Jonathan beat Ian in the first game. Ian beat Martyn. And Jonathan narrowly beat Martyn by 1 on time to clinch the first of our club tussles.INDOORS GOLF CROQUET @ SOHAM – 12TH/13TH MARCH 2011

Why not kickstart your outdoor season with some friendly yet competitive enjoyable Golf Croquet on the carpet at Soham?

There are vacant slots for the level play on Saturday and a limited amount of space for the handicap on the Sunday.
(Handicap play could be arranged on Saturday if there is sufficient demand).

To enter please contact Chris Howell on E.mail: or tel: 01284 0787728
It is important that these events are actively supported otherwise their future could be in doubt.

 2010Sunday 22nd August

Golf League versus Hunstanton

This game was played at Hunstanton for convenience. With two wins under their belt the table indicated Hunstanton had won this area ,however if Downham beat them, there could be several possibilities. We started as the underdogs and by the lunch break we trailed 8 – 4, with one singles round to play and the two doubles. The final round of singles Downham won three thus closing the gap to two. If the doubles was to go favourably for Downham, having lost all previous doubles, the golden hoop would be played. Playing what seemed to be our best performance both doubles recorded victories taking us into the golden hoop. Downham won the toss and decided to play doubles . It was agreed for Chris and David to play. A close tussle for a considerable time finally saw Hunstanton Blue victors and now move on to the semi finals against Enfield E. Semi finals to be played at Bury St Edmunds.

Saturday 21 August

Hipgrave Shield

Much to the relief of the Club Secretary, four players arrived to compete for the Hipgrave Shield this year. (The last time was 2005). One of the competitors, Dave Randall, had only just joined the club and had experienced his preliminary introduction to the game only three days previously. Dave had been expecting to watch and learn but in the event was persuaded to participate. Kathleen Butters, Martyn Browne and his son Angus and Dave fought out some pretty good matches though Martyn had a couple of big wins and as a result had his handicap lowered. He was the eventual victor but congratulations to all who took part. It’s good to see the Hipgrave (named in memory of a late member and aimed purely at beginners) featuring on the Honours Board again

Saturday 14th August

Golf League away to Hunstanton

David, Heather, Chris and Carole journeyed to Sunny Hunny (where it was raining) for the second game in the league calendar. With four courts being used it was constant play until the break before the doubles. During the last singles game a mad dash was needed to don our waterproofs. This only lasted for a short while . At the break honours were shared so once again it was going to be decided on the doubles games. With full bellies we ventured out after the heavy shower during lunch to continue the ‘battle’ unfortunately it was a repeat of the Norwich encounter and both doubles went to the Hunstanton side, thus we lost 8 – 10.

Thanks were given to Hunstanton for their hospitality and friendly demeanour.