Zen and the art of mowing…

Mon 24 May

Golf match v Peterborough

A very close contest which ended in an equitable draw, 5-5 after ten games. The weather was reasonable until lunchtime when there was a dash for cover but the sun came out after lunch and battle resumed. David and Ruth won the doubles and Cliff and Ruth each won two singles. The day topped off with an enjoyable tea and friendly chat.

Sat 15 May

Peggy’s Plant
Awful drizzly weather but we ploughed on regardless. A good sized entry of 14
with Cliff winning the eponymous plant (a pink) for the first time with 4/4 wins.

 Weds 12 May
Assn league match v Pinchbeck (away)
The intrepid Downham Allstars visited the lovely lawn and garden of Pinchbeck for a very close tussle.
Playing in his first match, Colin did well as a doubles partner to Jonathan and Bryan. We won the
morning’s two games but lost the afternoon’s. A 2-2 draw was a fair result.

Below: Bryan, Jonathan, Colin, Peter Hanley, Mike Bowser, Gordon Mills

Weds 5 May
Golf league match v Letchworth
The first of our league matches. A bit chilly at times but the rain held off. Letchworth were a good team, winning 9-1,
but Gill D, Nick and Ruth played well. Tea in the sunshine in front of the clubhouse. Lovely! (Below : the players…
Ruth, Stuart, Sheila, Gill, Nick and Sue).

Sat 17 April 2021
Kathleen Butters Trophy
Our opening event was this One Ball tournament, part of a national series raising funds this year for the British Heart Foundation.

Ten of us battling away for the Kathleen Butters Trophy in the warm sunshine at Stow. After six games there were two players with five wins, Don and Colin, neither of whom had played the other. The contest was resolved with a thrilling shootout for Hoop 1, clinched by Colin. He (much to his surprise), as well as taking home the lovely painting of the clubhouse, will be off to play in the national finals at Surbiton on 9 May.

Well played everyone!