Friday 24 November

A lovely gathering at The Chequers, Wimbotsham for a very tasty Christmas lunch. Lots of gruesome cracker jokes.

Sunday 8 October

Apple Day

The season closed on a beautiful sunny day with the last of the good weather welcoming large crowds of visitors to the gardens for Apple Day. Several came to try their hand at croquet and we all had an enjoyable time ( and bought loads of tasty apples from the walled garden’s trees).

Saturday 2 September

Barrett Pot

A good turnout of ten competing in the final tournament of the season. It was all very close with two pairs on two wins and another two on three. The latter group had a shoot out for Hoop 1 ( the ‘Hemming Shootout’) with Colin and Judy beating Franki and George ( competing in their first tournament).

Thursday 31 August

Stow Pan

Ian T and Jonathan had a good, close match with the latter winning +8.

Tuesday 22 August

Golf league match v Sudbury

The intrepid team of Gill, John and Lucy took on the leaders in their final match of the season, losing 2-8. Downham finished 3rd in the league. Well played everyone!

Saturday 19 August


John, Jonathan and Martin competed in the warm sun with Martin the winner.

Tuesday 15 August

Pirate Party

A fun day with children ( and grown ups) invited to don suitably piratical attire whilst pilfering points from one another in time honoured fashion. Tea and cake concluding as usual.

Sunday 13 August

Twinning Club visit

Downham/ Civray Twinning Club paid their annual visit, enjoying a sunny afternoon’s play followed by suitable refreshment.

Tuesday Social – 8 August

A mere trifle…

Saturday 29 July

Hipgrave Shield

This Assn tournament aimed specifically at beginners was well supported and contested by four new members – Carol Lindsey, Alison Ravnkilde, Ros and Ian Metcalfe. All doing their best to come to terns with the process of playing AC. It was a very close finish with Alison and Ian on two wins but the latter took the shield on the basis of who beat whom.

Friday 28 July

Golf League match v Gt Dunham (away) & Anderson Shield match v Pinchbeck (home)

A busy weekend begins with both Golf and Assn teams playing on the Friday. The Golfers had fun over on Gt Dunham’s immaculate lawn and drew 5-5. The AC team lost 1-3 to Pinchbeck in the Anderson Shield. The winners move on to the next round playing opposition from the southern part of East Anglia.

Saturday 22 July

Champagne Tournament

Awful weather but David Haslam, Jonathan Toye and Martin Russell stuck it out with Martin the winner of the bottle of bubbly.

Tuesday 18 July

Golf league match v Bury St Edmunds ( home)

A good, close match with Downham the final winners, 6-4. Tea was taken inside the clubhouse owing to a sudden downpour.

Thursday 13 July

Assn league match v Norwich (home)

A close battle with our visitors from Norwich with Jonathan just being pipped by 1 on time…so our standard result of 1-3 rather than a draw.

Thursday 6 July

Assn league match v Peterborough (away)

The team of Ian Thompson, Martin Russell and Jonathan Toye travelled together to Central Park to play on Peterborough’s excellent lawns. Martin was the only one to manage a win so the final score was 3-1 to the hosts. A good day’s play none the less.

Wednesday 28 June

Watlington Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club paid their annual visit for an afternoon’s fun on the lawns, topped off as usual with tea and delicious cake at Church Farm.

Wednesday 7 June

Assn league match v Pinchbeck (away)

Ian, Jonathan and Martin travelled to play on Pinchbeck’s lovely lawn ( in Mike Bowser’s garden). There were some close calls but only Martin, playing in his first match, managed a win. The final result a resounding 4-1 win to the hosts.

Sat 27 – Mon 29 May

Inter- Counties, Brighton

The new Norfolk/Lincs team had a wonderful time playing in the Assn Inter-Counties tournament at Southwick, Brighton. Members John Reddish, Sarah Barley, Jonathan Toye (Norfolk) , Gordon Mills, Charles Ostler, Peter Hanley (Lincs) had gathered for a get together at Stow on 11 May then set off for the event two weeks later. The Counties is a great social gathering. All Doubles matches and some of the best players in the world. We won one match (v Wilts) and the Wooden Spoon ( again…after a break of 16 years). We all had a great time and will be back.

Thursday 18 May

Golf League match v Pinchbeck

Our visitors enjoyed the beautiful setting at Stow and we had an entertaining and competitive session with the very fair result of a draw – 5 games all – with just one hoop point between us. Tea of course allowed for reflection on the day’s events.

Saturday 13 May

Peggy’s Plant

A pleasant day’s croquet, using the new Advantage system for the first time, battling away for the eponymous trophy to install in one’s garden. Colin was once again the victor and will take great care of the dianthus from the Stow Gardens’ plant store.

Thursday 11 May

Counties get together

Three players from Norfolk and three from Lincolnshire will be taking part in the Inter Counties tournament in Brighton at the end of the month. We gathered for a get to know your potential partner session ( it’s all doubles play) and general bonding session in the pub.

Tuesday 9 May

A friendly gathering for our first Social Day. A game or two followed by a very tasty shared lunch accompanied by cider produced by Jonathan’s son, Jack. Then the second coaching session…coaching always goes better after a glass or two…

Saturday 15 April

Kathleen Butters Trophy

A pleasant day’s play in the morning sunshine for five of us playing Oneball. Ian and Colin each had three wins but as the former beat the latter he became the holder of the attractive painting. Funds were raised this year for UNHCR.

Sat 1 April

A chilly wind blowing so everyone wrapped up well. A few hardy souls ventured out on to the lawns.


The season opens on Sat 1 April. Details of tournaments are on the Calendar page. There will be new ‘Social Days’ on Tuesdays at the beginning of each month when we will play and have a shared lunch (see Calendar). Sunday afternoons will be the new Club Days. Coaching will begin in May.